Benefits of renovations
It’s been a crazy-busy week.  Work, emails, phone calls, family obligations, and traffic have put you at your limit.  You’re about to explode.  The need for comfort and refuge from the rambunctious world around is now trumping your giant to-do list.  In the words of Jane Austen; “there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”  It’s time to kick-back at home!
Sometimes the home isn’t quite the sanctuary that you wish it to be.  You want to relax, but the piles of laundry, and dishes are screaming your name.  This is something that we can all relate to!  Whether you are a real estate investor, or just seek refuge from a crazy world, the decision to make some renovations is both good for the economy and good for you.  A few thoughts about the benefits of renovations:
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Opportunity for efficiency:
Building a custom home, or certain renovations, can make your abode environmentally sound and energy efficient.  Kitchen designs are critical
Something that lasts:
 – we live in a fast paced world.  It seems like everything is ephemeral… build something that you are proud of.  Build something that lasts.  And of course let’s not forget about the potential for making a profit!
An investment:
Upgrades and renovations can make all the difference to a potential buyer.  Whether it is time to move on, or if you are a real estate investor, it is critical in today’s market to make sure that you don’t get stuck.
The right design:
Home additions are among the most popular renovations for a good reason.  The right kitchen design, or bathroom design can have a huge impact on daily living… this is why these two rooms are deal-beakers for buyers!
There are many more benefits of home remodeling… what benefits are most important to you?